RAKEFISK:  Fermented fish is a traditional preparation of fish. In Norway we eat it with lefse, a traditional soft Norwegian flatbred.     



Enjoying local food and beverage is half the journey.


This has always been my saying and practice, in the extent of the possible, both at leisure and work.

To be precise, without enjoying the local and short travelled food and the local wine, beer, ale and other beverages, you have not been a traveler, only been moving your body from one place to another.

In Norway, the proudness of local products is an increasing wave, arising from modesty, shame and forgotten traditions. Old recipes along with new products, give a new dimension to the travel in Norway, to a renewed experience, along with the spectacular sceneries.

You may well say, look to Italy, France and Greece, where the focus on local products are the most natural and obvious thing.

We should all appreciate this proudness, when we sit down to enjoy our local meals.

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 STRYN: Breakfast at Visnes Hotel.