Historical Hotels

Historical Hotels

Traveling may be filled with stress and boring waiting, crowded airports and delayed flights, and very often you end up in a hotel that looks and feels like to many other of the kind.

The last years I have chosen to travel by car, mostly in Norway, in the mountains and along our beautiful cost.

Whenever possible, I choose an old hotel, preferably a family run historical hotel, one of those with a reputation for its good food and quiet atmosphere.

When all the rooms are differently shaped and furnished, the view spectacular and the air is crystal clear, then you have found the right place.

The saying is that the history is well kept in the wall, often you find the history hanging on the wall.

Old pictures, faded portraits of the famous artist and salmon lords, kings and queens, presidents and Wilhelm the 2th, are among what you can expect to find in the oldest Norwegian hotels along the fjords and among the mountains.

Many of these hotels have all the qualities, to make a stay well worth, and often the whole journey.

Most of them are member of "De Historiske hotel & spisesteder"



 MUNDAL HOTEL: One of the many historical Norwegian hotels that Willhelm II, enjoyed to visit during his many visits to Norway.



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